How to Know If a Trend Is Trendy Or Timeless


Trendy is a word used to describe something that is currently popular. It can be an idea, a product, or an aesthetic. Typically, trends are something that come and go quickly, often without long-term appeal.

The term trendy can refer to clothing, accessories, and even certain foods. However, it’s also important to distinguish between what is actually trending and the items that will stand the test of time. This can be particularly helpful if you’re trying to create a wardrobe full of pieces that will last for years.

How to Know if an Item is Trendy or Timeless

One way to know if a particular item is trending is to look at how it’s being worn by others. This can be done through social media, or by simply observing other people.

If someone is wearing the same type of item that you’re looking at, it’s a good indicator that it will soon be a trend. You might also want to check out fashion blogs or Instagram accounts, as these are the best places to find out if an item is popular and how it’s being worn.

Some Trends are Sticky

There are some trends that are more likely to become “sticky” than others, especially when it comes to marketing. This is because they are a more familiar part of the consumer’s life, and they have a higher emotional attachment to the brand or company behind them. This makes them easier to keep track of and market to.

The ’80s is Back: A Reborn Era

In the past, certain fashion sensibilities were considered “kitsch” or unattractive to others, but today they’re coming back in a big way. From layered hairstyles to pop colors, ’80s fashion is now being revamped and reimagined in ways that are more appealing to young adults.

Sheer Tops Are Now A Must Have

If you’re looking to get in on the sheer trend this season, you’ll be happy to know that it isn’t going anywhere. Sheer tops are a great way to show off some skin and make a bold statement. The best part about this style is that they’re completely versatile – you can wear them with a bralette underneath or layer them over a blazer.

Sheer shirts are also a great option if you’re not ready to fully commit to the whole sheer trend. They’re a great option for the cooler months and will look super cute when paired with oversized leather jackets or puffers.

The City School Aesthetic is Here to Stay

If you live in a city like New York, chances are that you’re already noticing a lot of street-style grunge on the streets. In fact, it’s so prevalent that it’s been a direct influence on some of the most notable collections at NYFW this year.

The trend of pastel mini dresses is a great example of how the girly school aesthetic has been melded with street-style grunge. Sandy Liang’s S/S ’23 collection reflected this trend perfectly with a mix of demure pastel shades and girly-grunge elements.