What Is Beauty?


The term beauty is used to describe a range of objects, including landscapes, sunsets, humans and works of art. It is often viewed as a positive aesthetic value, and is contrasted with ugliness as its negative counterpart.

Beauty is an abstract concept that can be difficult to define. It is subjective and can be influenced by social expectations, culture, time period, and gender.

A Beautiful Object

The idea of beauty is deeply rooted in philosophy and has its roots in the Ancient world, where it was often ascribed to things such as symmetry or proportion. This was particularly the case in the Greek tradition, where Plato and Aristotle defined it as the harmony of parts that made something aesthetically pleasing.

This concept is also very important in the religious tradition, where it has been interpreted as the revelation of God’s glory. This is because in the created world, beauty is imperfect and incomplete, but in the uncreated world of God, beauty is perfect and complete.

A Good Work of Art

The word ‘beauty’ is often associated with the arts, especially fine arts. A work of art that is considered beautiful may be a piece of architecture, a sculpture, or even a painting. The word ‘beauty’ can be used to describe a wide variety of artworks, and is usually understood to be something that evokes an emotional response or a sense of well-being.

Whether or not an artwork is considered beautiful will depend on the context and the philosophy or mindset that the artist uses to create it. Some artists have an innate appreciation for beauty, while others need to be taught or guided by others in order to achieve it.

An artist may take a great deal of pride in creating a piece of art that is beautiful, and this is very common. A beautiful piece of art can be considered a masterpiece, and it can often have profound meaning.

A Beautiful Person

People often use the word ‘beautiful’ to describe the person that they are most attracted to. This can be a person’s physical appearance or personality, but it can also be the person’s spirituality or their ability to make others feel happy.

Beauty can also be associated with a particular culture, religion or society. For example, the Greeks and Romans were known for their appreciation of beauty. It is also the basis for some religions, such as Christianity and Islam, where beauty is a central concept in their belief system.

The Romantics, on the other hand, saw beauty as an idea that is most embodied in the mind of the artist. Keats, for example, described the beauty of a Grecian urn as “the fetish which the soul finds in its own imagination.”

A Beautiful Woman

Women have been seen as beautiful by men for centuries. It is a common perception that women are most attractive when they are young, healthy and thin.

In the past, this was a widely accepted standard, but as society has changed and the way we perceive ourselves has changed, standards of beauty have become much more complex and diverse. Today, people are seeing themselves in a more inclusive and tolerant light. They are also beginning to question the notion that a beautiful person is someone who is cis-gender, white and heterosexual.